About Us

Step into a new world of style and design with LUXELLE.  While every piece is meant to join you through exciting new experiences, it is the journeys of the designer that have truly brought these one of a kind designs to life.

At LUXELLE, we pride ourselves in having unique and never mass-produced pieces for women looking to elevate their wardrobe with bold, sophisticated garments and accessories.  Every new collection, beginning with The Origin, is inspired by the worldly travels and experiences of LUXELLE designer and founder, Rahat Khan.

The LUXELLE brand believes that “everything has a story,” and as much, the pieces are created to bring to life the exotic elegance of some of the world’s most astonishing places and kingdoms, throughout the times.

And most importantly, it is about giving back organically.  The connection of fashion, travel and charity is at the forefront of LUXELLE, cultivating a brand that truly is “style with substance.”

LUXELLE is style. LUXELLE is sophistication. LUXELLE is an experience in unto itself.


About the Designer/ Founder

Having lived in 3 different countries by the age of 13, LUXELLE founder, Rahat Khan has been a traveler from the very start.  Rahat was born in Pakistan, but raised in Saudi Arabia until 13, when she moved with her family to Chicago, Illinois. 

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in computer science, Rahat entered the corporate world of consulting, fortunate enough to still be able fuel that passion for traveling.  Still, the innate pull towards fashion stayed with Rahat and after 20 years in consulting, she made the drastic decision to get her MBA from Northwestern University and focus on owning her own company. 

After receiving her MBA, Rahat, again traveling and now walking the roads of Thailand, was inspired to officially launch LUXELLE and her first collection, The Origin.  In a whirlwind experience, much like the travels that had been the catalyst for her in the first place, LUXELLE was successfully open within 6 months.

A true testament to following your heart and journey, Rahat is honored to use her adventures and experiences to have created LUXELLE. Everything from the flavors of new countries, breathtaking sites, unknown explorations and life-changing insights has shaped the LUXELLE brand and the stories behind each piece. 

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