Parisian Inspirations

Parisian Inspirations

Inspiration is a curiously, enigmatic process, that hides in the pits of our souls, to only later dance in our hearts. It’s not something we can usually predict, and often the flashes of inspiration come at moments so unexpected, that we find ourselves hardly prepared.

 A long walk.

Moments before drifting to sleep.

Running to catch the train, in a city buzzing with energy.

But if we’re lucky, we find ourselves in a place brimming with muses, knowing full well that we have already been forever changed. For me, this was Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world; where I was surrounded by old architecture, cobblestone streets and lovers embracing the fleeting moments of life.

I didn’t set off to Paris, France to be inspired; but instead as I always do, I embarked on an adventure to learn, to be immersed, to take a walk through history, and to view the sun setting through the Eiffel Tower from the Champ de Mars.

I found myself almost dizzy with visions of prints, portraits and scenes. The art galleries and monuments throughout the city flooded my heart and soul with ideas for the next collection, and everywhere I looked there was a story waiting to be told.

Stories that would soon dance upon the bottoms of A-Line dresses, curiously flowing from, either a soft wind or the breathtaking tale of two lovers parting ways at sunset.


It was an experience, much like my visit to Lisbon, Portugal, where I came home from my travels, moved in a direction for the Spring Collection. Whereas before, I was inspired to gravitate towards the energetic colors of Lisbon, this trip resulted in the actual design, shapes and prints.  Moved by the art and history of Paris- forever now the city of inspiration for the effortlessly, chic pieces of my Spring Collection- I feel as though I have fallen in love, time and time again.

Now, I can see the classic silhouettes more clearly, feel the intention of their direction and imagine women donning the timeless designs, as they move fervently throughout the cities of the world, creating new and exciting moments in life.


Dear, Paris,

You’ve changed me. Moved me. Made me grow.

Endlessly Beholden,



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