Personalizing Your Look With Accessories

Personalizing Your Look With Accessories

“I see bold accessories as a woman’s armor” – Rachel Zoe


And really, who could argue with that? Other than a fantastic smile- or great pair of heels- your accessories help to make your outfit SHINE!


Some people prefer a classic handbag; some women are the type, naturally capable of pulling off any hat with ease, while others lean towards the simplistic approach of a perfectly placed brooch.

Why are accessories so essential to a well-rounded wardrobe?


Simply put- they can help to create any look you’re dreaming of.


Iris Apfel, famed fashion icon, said it best in a recollection of her mother: "My mother knew if you bought a couple of really good architectural outfits and put your money into accessories, you could create a million different looks.”


Never have truer words been spoken.

No matter what you decide, the beauty of accessories is that they help you to make an outfit all your own. While thousands of women may buy the same completed look daily from stores and designers, it is the accompanying pieces of personality and décor that help to bring a unique touch to every look.


If you think about it- an outfit is like a blank canvas. You add the color in each of the individual garments; perhaps a pattern or two is splashed across the piece. But at the very foundation, you have fundamental basics that simply wait in anticipation of being transformed with the finishing touches.


Welcome in the accessories!


From a gorgeous, statement necklace to the flawless position of a hat, worthy of any high tea, each accessory draws the eye in and exudes personality, from head to toe. Last season, The LUXELLE chose jewel-toned colors, fierce gold belts and silver-plated clutches.

This season, with springtime buzzing with energy and vibrancy, The LUXELLE’s newest release, The Aviator, is over-flowing with brightly colored brooches, a warm and inviting scarf and a gorgeous, white hat reminiscent of the head attire for some of the original flight attendants in the skies.


Personally, I love to mix it up, wrapping the yellow and pink scarf around any bag and finishing it with the pink Wisdom Knot pin.


Or perhaps you prefer to keep it simple- adorning the white, pillbox hat and subtly displaying the yellow Morning Star statement piece.


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