Your Best Look Yet: Embracing and Dressing Your Body Shape

Your Best Look Yet: Embracing and Dressing Your Body Shape

Travel has always been at the forefront of my passions.  Walking the market streets, meeting new people, seeing the sights and experiencing new foods.  But hands down, my favorite thing to do while traveling is to simply observe.  Not only the culture itself from an outsider’s point of view, but to watch how they interact with one another- and of course, how they dress!

From pantsuit to sari and dresses to kimonos, each form of clothing is a tiny glimpse into their traditions and cultures.  Where some cultures cover up, others embrace being exposed.  And where some forms of clothing are meant to hug your form, others flare into a cascade of intricate patterns and bright colors.

Yet, in every culture, there still seemed to be a misunderstanding or misrepresentation of true body shapes- and how to dress them.

It seems that most women do not understand how to truly dress for their best look.  We walk past mannequins in a storefront, captivated by how beautiful the clothes are, and never consider the shape of the plastic, unrealistic figurine beneath it.  And so we buy the clothes, too tight in some areas, and too loose in others, hoping it will eventually fit right.

But it is truly a lovely thing, to be able to not only understand your shape, but to be able to dress it accordingly.  When you do so, something just seems to happen.  It’s almost a magical transformation, from the look you currently have, to the look you have always wanted.  The understanding and acceptance, that what may work on some women, may or may not work on you, is freeing.  There is an unspoken permission to stop trying to fit into the societal desire of the hard-to-achieve hourglass figure. 

Instead, in understanding, accepting and shopping by your shape, you already know what looks best, what makes you feel confident, what flatters your body in all the right places- and THAT is what is truly attractive.

Think about what a time saver, stress reducer and body positive experience it would be if clothes came labeled with the body size they best fit.  A shirt best suited for a “pear” shaped woman or a dress perfectly designed for an “apple” shaped shopper.  The ease and efficiency of not only shopping in person, but especially online, would be revolutionized.

Which is why it is so fundamental to the way we design our clothes at LUXELLE, that we give selections for every woman.  We aim to pay tribute to all of the beautiful sizes: Hourglass, Apple, Pear and Straight.  We strive to make clothes that not only fit a variety of women, but that embrace each individual curve and shape.

The LUXELLE designs are made to create the illusion of a balanced body- accentuating in some areas, and drawing the eye from others, completely complementing your silhouette.  Because it is our passion to design for every shape, we DO specify which pieces from our collections fit best for our customers, such as the Silk Dress for the “Pear” or “Apple” shape or the Brocade Vest, for the “Straight” and “Apple”.  At LUXELLE, we want you to feel good in the skin you are in… and the gorgeous LBD wrapped around it!

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