Step into the world of indulgent design and unique style with LUXELLE. Every exclusive piece is a reflection of the designer’s world travels exemplified in fashionable form. Every outfit is meant to adorn you as you embark on your own journey and ardent experiences.

At LUXELLE, we pride ourselves on having one of a kind and limited pieces for women looking to upgrade their wardrobe with bold and sophisticated garments and accessories. Every collection, starting with The Origin Collection, is inspired by the exotic encounters and voyages of LUXELLE founder and designer, Rahat Khan.

The LUXELLE brand believes that “everything tells a story”. With this in mind, we have ventured to bring to life the stories of some of the most elegant eras, ancient kingdoms, and astonishing intricacies of hidden places through our pieces.

Most importantly, The LUXELLE endeavors to cultivate a brand that is style with substance; joining fashion, travel, and charity.   We aspire to not only create, but to contribute.

LUXELLE is style. LUXELLE is sophistication. LUXELLE is an experience.


About the Designer/ Founder

LUXELLE founder and designer, Rahat Khan, was born in Pakistan, spent her early childhood in Saudi Arabia, and finally established roots in Chicago. Having lived in 3 countries by the age of 13, she was a born traveler destined to continue exploring the world.

Rahat had a sense for fashion and design from an early age, crafting and sewing her own clothes throughout high school and beyond. Despite this, she went on to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science and joined the corporate world of consulting. In this time, she was able to fund and fulfill her passion for travel. However, after 20 years in the field, her innate aspiration towards fashion led her to get an MBA from Northwestern University in order to focus on owning her own company.

After receiving her MBA, Rahat resumed traveling. It was while walking the streets of Thailand that she became inspired to create LUXELLE and her first collection, The Origin. LUXELLE successfully launched within 6 months, bridging her two passions of travel and fashion into a one of a kind luxury clothing line.

A true testament to following your heart and true path, Rahat is thrilled to employ her travels and experiences in the formation of LUXELLE. Consequently, everything from the flavors of new countries, breathtaking sights, countless explorations, and life-changing insights has shaped the LUXELLE brand and the stories behind each piece.